ESTHER PICTURES is a film production company founded in 2011 by actor/comedian Michael Joiner  (star of Sony Pictures "The Grace Card" and "Broken Faith", producer of “Chasing Grace”), director/writer Ricki Holmes (director/writer of "Broken Faith") and Brazilian actor/producer Regis Terencio (star of the Brazilian movie "Labirintos Internos" - Internal Mazes). Esther Pictures was founded on the belief that in order for movies to positively effect people and society, they must first be entertaining.

MICHAEL JOINER lived in LA for more than ten years where he private coached with some of Hollywood's most notable acting teachers.Within that time he landed dozens of national commercial and TV roles, and began making his own films.
Since his break out starring role as 'Mac McDonald' in Sony Pictures "The Grace Card", where Michael received the impressive distinction of being the only actor in the history of faith based movies to receive rave reviews in both "The Hollywood Reporter" and "Variety", Michael Joiner has starred and/or co starred in no less than 12 Movies, his career showing no signs of slowing down. Known to go to extremes in preparing for his characters; Michael lost 15 lbs for "The Grace Card". He gained 22 lbs to play a small town sheriff for "Surrender". He grew a 70's style mustache, dyed his hair and stayed in "hyper mode" for  the "over the top" low life ambulance chaser Larry Larson in "11 Seconds". For his anti Christ character in "My Name is Paul", Michael created his own dialect based partly on a British accent with a touch of South African.

Michael is also known as one of the world's funniest clean comedians. His comedy career spans twenty plus years, headlining major "A" clubs like LA's Improv and The Ice House, as well as New York City's HA Comedy Cafe. In 2008 Michael won 1st place at The Hollywood Improv's "Funniest comic in LA". In 2010 he was nominated in Nashville's "Christian Music Hall of Fame" Funniest Comedian of the year. Since 2008 Michael - along with his wife and three children - have made their home in Kansas City, MO where he continues to receive offers to appear in major motion pictures and perform as a stand up comedian.
Chasing Grace is the first full length feature produced by Michael Joiner. This drama/thriller starring Michael Joiner, will be a "game changer" within the faith based genre.

RICKI HOLMES, Vice President
Visit Ricki's website: www.screenwriter1.com
RICKI HOLMES was born and raised in Nottingham, England and his long and varied career in the entertainment industry spans over thirty years.

Ricki is an alumni of “ScreenwritingU”, an award winning Los Angeles based company that provides the highest quality online screenwriting classes. Since becoming a member of their elite screenwriting Pro-Series group just four years ago, Ricki is establishing himself in the world of film. His script “America's Cup – There Is No Second” placed in the quarter finals of the prestigious Nicholls Fellowship screenwriting competition. “The Resort” garnered reputation with an LA based literary management company and he wrote and directed “Broken Faith” (IMDB) due for release in 2014. His short script “Abound” was a finalist in the 168 Film Festival and premiered in Los Angeles, August 2013.

REGIS TERENCIO, Associate Producer and Marketing
REGIS TERENCIO has acted in Brazilian TV since he was 9. He graduated in Film Production at NMTC Dublin/Ireland. In 2008 he was presented as a "Scriptwriting - Case of success" at the Microsoft's GLF Forum Miami, where he gave a speech to Bill Gates and other Latin American presidents. Regis is Vice President of Brazilian film production company PONTE Filmes; he is International REP of Brazilian Distributor DunamysFilms; and he is also Vice President of CineCristao (the biggest christian film website in Brazil). Regis has worked in a series of films in USA and Brazil: including the feature "A Letter for Joe"; the short "Abound" (which was finalist in the 168 film project); he was the star of the Brazilian feature "Labirintos Internos" (Internal Mazes) and he is currently working in a series of different feature films around the world.

There is no reason why challenging themes and engaging stories have to be mutually exclusive – in fact, each can fuel the other. As a filmmaker, I want to entertain people first and foremost. If out of that comes a greater awareness and understanding of a time or a circumstance, then the hope is that change can happen.
- Edward Zwick